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autumn family portrait

What to Wear for Family Pictures

So you’ve cleared your calendar, made an appointment, and are ready to finally get a picture that will look better hanging on your wall than that cell phone picture a stranger shot for you on vacation last year. Good for you! Now you’re stuck at the next big question, what to wear for your family pictures. Relax, it’s not that hard to come up with some ideas that are simple, stylish and won’t look out of date by next year. Knowing what to wear will make the day more comfortable for you, and easier on your photographer. After all, both […]

Photographers and Model at Photography Conference

What to Bring to a Photography Conference

A couple of years ago I shared my thoughts about the advantages of attending a photography workshop. I won’t repeat myself here, other than to say that a workshop gives a photographer the chance to simply focus on his craft, learn new skills, improve her technique and benefit by the presence of other like-minded people. Giving yourself a few days to immerse yourself, away from the routine demands of life, is beneficial on a lot of levels. That’s one of the reasons that I have attended the Create Photography Retreat for the last few years. And, assuming the pandemic doesn’t […]

Period Portraiture Event

2020 will be a year to remember for all the wrong reasons. Fires, storms, the pandemic, searing reminders of inequality, the subsequent protests and riots, which only highlight the deep political divide that is tugging at the edges of the fabric of our country. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, this year has been disheartening in many ways. For many, the pandemic has had the most personal and immediate impact. Navigating the minefield that is a Zoom conference, figuring out how to entertain (or teach) your child at home, dealing with the loss of a job, or […]

Branding for living history

Branding for Living History

Most of the time, commercial portraits mean one of two things: a headshot, or some sort of environmental portrait. Headshots are simple: Head and shoulders, usually in front of a nondescript background. (Or that bright white that seemed so popular with web designers a couple of years ago.) Environmental portraits are more fun. You’ve seen a thousand of them. That lawyer, leaning on his desk with his arms crossed, legal books in the background. The smiling real estate agent standing in front of the house with the “Sold” sign. Or the barista, receptionist, or machinist, pausing their work long enough […]

Improving your videos

How to Improve Your Video Presence

Once someone knows that you own a camera with a lot of buttons on it, it is not unusual for them to ask questions. Often, the first question is, “why does your camera have so many buttons!” Then they move on to questions about settings, or their cameras, or how to take better pictures of their cat. Since most photographers love to talk about their addiction, we have no problem answering those questions, and creating a few more along the way. Over the last couple of months, however, the questions have changed. They’re not so much about photography, as they […]

South Carolina Landscape Photography – Greenville County Waterfalls

I’ve written before about that nagging sense that most landscape photographers have that tells them that the best photographic locations are somewhere out “there”. Anywhere but “here.” Far from home. And as much as I love my home state, the phrase “South Carolina Landscape Photography” is hardly ever uttered. Maybe it’s time we do something about that. The Palmetto State has some beautiful scenery. And, as I found out a few days ago, some of it isn’t that far off the beaten path! For those of you who find this blog post in the future, I will remind you that […]

2 Free Offers for Those Struggling Through the Pandemic

Most of us are reacting to the current situation with a long list of emotions: Isolation. Concern. Fear. Frustration. Anxiety. Helplessness. You name it. We’re trying to figure out how much income is left, how to deal with everyone in the house, how to manage “homeschool”, and calculating how much toilet paper is left in the supply. At the same time, most of us are trying to figure out how we can help. That’s a challenge when everyone is being told to stay home. The best thing we can do, it seems, is to keep ourselves safe and, in doing […]

Arthur J Ravenel Bridge Charleston South Carolina

Photography, Memories and Charleston, South Carolina

Science tells us – and our own observations confirm – that smell has a powerful connection to our memory. When we get a sniff of something baking, a particular perfume, or even something less pleasant, our minds can be immediately transported back to a specific place, or time or event. To this day the smell of a certain type of cigar dials up very vivid images of my first visit to a major league baseball game. Photographs, of course, wield that same power over us. That’s why we take pictures at important moments in our lives: weddings, senior portraits, the […]

Rainy Days in the Great Smoky Mountains

It seems hard to believe, but it was exactly one year ago this week that I spent a couple of days in America’s most visited national park. I don’t live that far from The Great Smoky Mountains, but I rarely seem to be able to find the time to get there. I had a couple of open days last February, so I thought I would head over and see if I could be lucky enough to get some snow-filled landscape photography. That was not to be. In fact, heavy rains and flooding cut my trip a bit short. Particularly after […]